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The Bolshoi Deluxe train Compartment, Cat. IY



Czar's Gold Trans-Siberian rail Journeys 2017: 


Private Train > Compartment Categories > Bolshoi deluxe, Category IY



Trans-siberian private train:the Bolshoi deluxe compartment, Cat. IY



This category of train compartments, with its illustrious name, offers 5.57 m² (approx. 60 sq ft) of space. It has two beds, with the upper berth measuring 80 x 176 cm / 31.5 x 70 in. and the lower 110 x 187 cm / 43.3 x 74 in. 

This deluxe compartment also offers comfortable seating, a generously sized table, and a small dress closet. 

The Bolshoi Category has its own lavatory equipped with a toilet, wash basin, and integrated shower with a shower curtain.

Usually the train has only six compartments in this category.

In Moscow and in Beijing the 12 guests traveling in the Bolshoi Category car stay in 5-star hotels.

The guests traveling in the Bolshoi train Category are provided with an individual guide. And their group size is limited to a maximum of 12 travelers