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Lake Baikal



Lake Baikal, foremost natural wonder of Russia's Siberia



Lake Baikal is an immense and breathtaking area of physical beauty. It is the foremost natural wonder of Russia's Siberia.

Lake Baikal is also a natural treasure and a symbol of pride for the Russian people.
Nature has endowed the lake with secrets that many generations of researchers cannot unravel

Key Facts:

Lake Baikal is located in Siberia, near the Mongolian border.
Baikal is the unique phenomenon in every sense: originating 20-25 million years ago, it is the largest, deepest and cleanest freshwater reservoir in the world!

Irkutsk and Ulan Ude are the two cities that offer great launching points to visit the legendary Lake Baikal.

The closest you can get to Lake Baikal is the settlement of Listvyanka, right on the shore of the lake, some 70 km outside of Irkutsk.

Lake Baikal, Siberia: world's deepest and the largest fresh water reservoir in the world

Shaped like a banana, Baikal is 636 km from north to south and up to 1637 m deep, making it the world's deepest lake.

Incredibly, the Lake contains nearly 1/5 of all the Earth's unfrozen fresh water, more than North America's five Great Lakes combined!
Lake Baikal water, despite some environmental worries, is drinkably pure