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Russia’s Regions:

· Moscow
· St. Petersburg
· The Golden Ring
· Northwest of Russia
· Along The Volga
· Black Sea & Caucasus  
· Ural
· Siberia & Lake Baikal
· Trans-Siberian Railroad
· Far East, Russia  


Russia is almost unimaginably vast and unique.

It boasts the largest territory of any country in the world, accompanied by a regionalvariety that is unique.

Russia shares land borders with the following countries (counter-clockwise from northwest to southeast):

Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania (Kaliningrad region), Poland (Kaliningrad region), Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia and North Korea.

It is also close to the U.S. state of Alaska, Sweden, Denmark, Turkey and Japan across relatively small stretches of water (the Bering Strait, the Baltic Sea, the Black Sea and La Pérouse Strait, respectively)




Check our Tour selection for Russia: 


  Name Description
Red Square and St Basil Cathedral
2019 Twin Capitals of Russia

Intours Best Seller: A 8-day Classic tour combines two great Russian cities - Moscow and St.Petersburg - into a mouth-watering introductory tour of Russia



Russia's Space Exploration Tour

Russia's Space Exploration Tour

Kizhi Island, UNESCO-listed Site, North-West Russia
2019 Czar's Cruise of Russia, Moscow - St. Petersburg

Czar's Cruise of Russia: Classic Moscow-St. Petersburg, in either direction

Trans-Siberian rail Journey Classic, to Vladivostok, on the Pacific, Far East of Russia
2018 Trans-Siberian Rail journey, Classic

A 13-Day train tour travels from Moscow to Vladivostok, along the entire length of the Trans-Siberian railway, the longest in the world. Tour Highlight is a stopover at legendary Lake Baikal, the deepest lake in the world, and the foremost natural wonder of Siberia

State Historical Museum near Red Square. This is a museum of Russian history with an unprecedented range of exhibits from pre-historic tribes to priceless artworks by members of Romanov dynasty
2018 Classic Russia: Moscow-St. Petersburg

A 7-day Escorted tour has frequent departures from Moscow to St. Petersburg, with an easy 4-hour ride by a comfortable Bullet train

Kremlin view from a Studio room, the National Hotel,downtown Moscow Russia
Luxury Series: Moscow & St. Petersburg Deluxe

Luxury Series: Enjoy the best of Moscow and St. Petersburg on a deluxe private tour featuring top notch Luxury hotels, in-depth visits to must-see sights and immaculate service. Endless opportunities to customize the trip   

Helsinki Harbor & City Centre
2019 Helsinki & Russian Capitals, 9 Days Escorted

A 9-day Escorted tour starts in a Nordic capital of Helsinki, and visits the two great Russian capitals, St. Petersburg and Moscow, 16 departures, May through September 2019

Moscow Kremlin, and its astounding Cathedrals
Moscow Art & Culture Deluxe

 Premium Series:   Moscow Art & Culture Deluxe is a private package designed for those interested in exploring Moscow in-depth. Also we'll be able to customize a package to your unique interests, will base it on a hotel of your choice, will adjust your sightseeing  

2019 Jewels Of The Golden Ring of Russia, small group departures year round
2019 Jewels of the Golden Ring of Russia, 8 Days

For a taste of real Russia take a popular 8-day Jewels of the Golden Ring tour.
Combine Moscow & St. Petersburg with a trip to the roots of Russia, explore medieval towns of Vladimir & Suzdal, enormously rich in fascinating history and traditions   

Land of White Nights and Midnight Sun, Escorted Deluxe tour
2019 Land of White Nights & Midnight Sun, 12 Days

Luxury Series: A deluxe 12-day rail journey by private deluxe train takes you to the land of Midnight Sun, the Arctic Circle, incomparable cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg during glamorous White Nights season 


Mamayev Kurgan War Memorial, Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad)
Stalingrad WW II Package

Stalingrad World War II Package

UNESCO World Heritage site, St Sophia Cathedral in the Kremlin, Novgorod Veliky, North West Russia
Novgorod Veliky, Birthplace of Russia

Immerse yourself in Russian history on a full day trip to history-filled town of Novgorod Veliky, a popular getaway from St. Petersburg




Lake Baikal, the deepest lake in the world. Its half-way through along legendary Trans-Siberian rail route. Worth a stopover!
2019 Trans-Mongolian Rail Journey to China

Best selling rail journey: a 15-day Trans-Mongolian Rail journey to China tour visits three exotic countries: Russia, Mongolia and China. Explore remote lands with one of our 12 departures, guaranteed, year-round   

Panorama of tranquil town of Plyos, a part of the Golden Ring of Russian towns, along the Grand Volga River Cruise 2018
Grand Volga Cruise to Rostov Don, 2018

The Grand Volga Cruise takes you along the entire length of the Volga, to Astrakhan, on the edge of the Caspian Sea, and on to Rostov On Don, Russia's Cossack capital

The Grand Palace at Peterhof, known as Russian Versailles and Capital of Fountains, St. Petersburg Russia
Russian Art & Culture Deluxe

 Premium Series:   A 10-day private tour explores the vibrant Moscow, a historical Sergiev Posad on the Golden Ring, the elegant Saint Petersburg, and a medieval Novgorod Veliky. Flexible departure dates 

Day Trips, Moscow

Save valuable holiday time & customize your stay in Moscow with our private day trips in or around the Capital. There is also some useful info on less known places that make Moscow so unique  



White Nights, St. Petersburg, Drawn Bridges
2019 St. Petersburg City Breaks, Weekly departures

Premium Series: City Packages St. Petersburg, Weekly departures, Year round

2019 Grand Trans-Siberian Rail Journey, by Private train

Highlight of 2019: Join the Epic Trans-Siberian Rail Journey from Moscow to Ulan Bataar, Mongolia, aboard a Premium Charter train. Now five departures, in each direction

2019 Russia Luxury cruise aboard MS Rostropovich, Moscow - Saint Petersburg
2019 Czar's Cruise of Russia, deluxe MS Rostropovich

Classic cruise, Moscow ↔ St. Petersburg, deluxe river boat MS Rostropovich

Day Trips, St. Petersburg

Build your own itinerary with our privately-guided day trips. Our professional team of guides will provide you with a wealth of information about this fascinating city

2019 Russian Heritage Tour

Our 8-day tour provokes a true sense of Real Russia, as well as providing a taste of the two great Russian capitals

Saint-Petersburg, a magic city of Rivers & Canals
Art Treasures of St. Petersburg, 5 & 6 Days

 Premium Series:   Packages are designed for those interested in a private & in-depth touring of St. Petersburg. Offered as 5- & 6- Day packages. Packages can be easily tailored made to customer's specific interests, budget and time    

2019 Baltic Sea Capitals Tour, Escorted

A 8-Day Escorted tour visits Tallinn, Helsinki and Imperial St. Petersburg. 15 departures available, May through Sept 2019. Tour also departs from Riga 

2018 Russia Luxury River Cruise: Kirillo Belozersky Monastery Goritsy
2018 Luxury Volga Dream River Cruise, Classic

Cruise aboard deluxe river boat, stay in prestigious 5-star hotels in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Enjoy comprehensive sightseeing and unforgettable cultural experiences

2019 Moscow City Breaks, Weekly Departures
2018 Czar's Gold Private Train Journey, Moscow - Beijing
2018 Czar's Cruise of Russia, MS Leo Tolstoy

Enjoy classic Russian waterways with 12 sailings aboard the superior MS Leo Tolstoy cruise boat, between Moscow and St. Petersburg 

Private Shore excursions, St. Petersburg

Private Shore Excursion packages, St. Petersburg, Russia 

Lake Baikal, Siberia, is the deepest and the oldest lake on Earth. It is also the biggest fresh water reservoir in the world. Lake Baikal is on the UNESCO World Heritage List
2019 Trans-Mongolian train Journey, with Yekaterinburg

A 16-day Trans-Mongolian rail tour to Beijing, with a stop in Yekaterinburg, a thriving capital of the Ural Mountains, the Great Divide between Russia's Europe & Asia

2019 Russia, Baltics & Poland Group tour, 14 Days Escorted
2019 Russia, Baltic Capitals & Warsaw, Escorted

A 14-day Escorted tour visits Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, and Warsaw. With a 6-day Extension to Krakow, Prague and Vienna 

Neva river embankment, St. Petersburg
2018 Grand Volga Cruise, Moscow - Rostov Don

Sail entire length of the Volga river, from Moscow, via gem towns of the Golden Ring, and the cities in the Russian Heartland - Volgograd, Samara, Saratov - down to Rostov on Don, Russia's Cossack Capital   

2019 Russian Capitals & Kazan, 10 Days

New for 2019: Russian Capitals and multi-cultural Kazan

Private packages, Golden Ring of Russia

Explore the Gem towns of the historical Golden Ring with one of our packages: choose from suggested Options or allow us to customize your unique package just for you

2019 Treasures of Russia with the Golden Ring, 10 Days

New for 2019: Introducing a 10-day small group tour combines two Russia's most iconic cities - Moscow and St. Petersburg - with the four ancient towns of the Golden Ring in the countryside north east of Moscow  

2019 Jewels Of The Golden Ring of Russia, small group departures year round
2019 Jewels of the Golden Ring of Russia, 10 Days

For an in-depth look at real Russia take a 10-day Jewels of the Golden Ring tour.
Combine Moscow & St. Petersburg with a trip to the roots of Russia, explore medieval towns of Vladimir, Suzdal and Yaroslavl, enormously rich in fascinating history and traditions   

Panorama of tranquil town of Plyos, a part of the Golden Ring of Russian towns, along the Grand Volga River Cruise 2018
2018 Grand Volga Cruise to Land of Cossacks

The Grand Volga Cruise takes you along the entire length of the Volga, to Astrakhan, on the edge of the Caspian Sea, and on to Rostov On Don, the Land of Cossacks

Visit Saint-Petersburg, Visa-Free

Ferry service, St. Petersburg - Helsinki; St. Petersburg - Stockholm - Tallinn. Visa-free service in St. Petersburg when staying within 72 hours