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Russia, Trans-Siberian Railroad


By taking the train between Moscow, - in the European part of Russia, - and Vladivostok, on the Pacific, you cover a huge span of Russia's land, and you realize your trip of a lifetime: Trans-Siberian rail journey, proper. All along the world's longest rail railway system.  


To help you build your unforgettable Trans-Siberian adventure of a lifetime with Intours Canada, below is a list of the most popular destination Cities that you should consider including into your trip:


Visit the capital of Tatarstan. Known for its unique cultural blend, Kazan Kremlin has both a Mosque and a Cathedral side by side within its walls.

Also, having undergone considerable development for modern day sporting events, the city still retains clear evidence of its fascinating history - the perfect mix of modern and ancient Russia.

MUST-SEE: Kazan Kremlin (UNESCO sight), Kazan Ski Resort Complex, Raifskiy Monastery



At the centre of the Ural Mountains, on the natural divide between Europe and Asia, Yekaterinburg is a real Russian city, rich in natural resources and a colourful history. It was here that the last Czar and his family spent their final days

MUST-SEE: Czar execution site, Europe-Asia Border mark, Yekaterinburg Opera and Ballet theatre



The lively city of Novosibirsk is situated where the Trans-Siberian crosses the River Ob.

Now one of the largest cities in Russia and the biggest one east of the Urals, Novosibirsk is a fascinating city to discover the history and ethnic diversity of Siberia.

MUST-SEE: Novosibirsk Zoo, State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral


The capital of eastern Sibeira, Irkutsk developed its unique cultural heritage after many Russian artists, officers and nobles were exiled here after the Decembrist Revolt of 1825.

It is also a natural stopover en route to reach the legendary Lake Baikal, one of Russia's greatest wonders.

MUST-SEE: Museum of Decembrists, Taltsy Open-air Ethnographic museum



Lake Baikal - the largest, the deepest and the cleanest freshwater reservoir in the world - is considered a natural  treasure by the Russian people.

Located in Siberia near the Mongolian border, and surrounded by mountains, forests and wild rivers, Baikal is an immense and breathtaking area of natural beauty.

For the best views of Lake Baikal we recommend you stay for at least an overnight in the settlement of Listvyanka, approx. 70 km outside of Irkutsk, on the shore of Lake Baikal

MUST-SEE: Lake Baikal cruise (in summer), snowmobiling (in winter)



Situated amid the vast Siberian steppe, this is a truly intriguing stop along the journey, offering a rare mix of Asian and Russian styles

MUST-SEE: City tour, Ivolgin Datsan (monastery)


Once built as a defensive outpost against invaders, for many years Vladivostok stood guard defending the Motherland on the Pacific of the Far East of Russia. The city has turned into a vibrant megapolis with an extraodinary mixture of culture and history, that was showcased in 2010 in its stunning 150th Anniversary celebrations.

MUST-SEE: Vladivostok fortress, Oceanarium




A part of the Trans-Siberian Proper can also be combined with a side trip to Mongolia and / or China.

For that you would need to branch off your Trans-Siberian route in Irkutsk and take a train that will bring you into Mongolia. This trip will then become your Trans-Mongolian train journey.

And if you want to make your rail journey even more complete, from Mongolia you then travel by train to Beijing.

These two versions of the Trans-Siberian rail journey can be done in either direction. Please contact our office for details and assistance.   



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