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Russia Regions: Moscow

 Panorama of the Kremlin from Moskva River embankment, Moscow Russia


Moscow, Nation's Capital


Moscow is the Capital of the Russian Federation 

 With the population of well over 12 million, 

Moscow is the heart & the soul of the Nation



The biggest city in Europe, Moscow is a modern metropolis with a medieval heart.

The dynamic capital of Russia is a city bursting with excitement that hosts some of Russia's most iconic sites. 

Take a moment and stand on the historical Red Square and take in the great red walls of the Kremlin, Lenin's Mausoleum, and the magical multi-colored domes of St. Basil's Cathedral in one sweeping view. Enjoy performances by outstanding ballerinas at the world-famous Bolshoi theatre, admire priceless 12th century icons and the artworks by Kandinsky and Malevich at the Tretyakov Art Gallery or be dazzled by the diamonds on display at the stunning Armory, the oldest and the richest museum inside the Kremlin.


Moscow is a fascinating mixture of ancient and ultra-modern. It is bright, brash, noisy and never dull.


In Moscow sparkling skyscrapers brush up against ancient golden-domed cathedrals, while quiet cobble stoned lanes hide behind bustling wide streets, lined with world-class restaurants and bars.  


Cosmopolitan and forward-thinking Moscow rivals New York as a city that 'never sleeps' whilst the memories of some of the most important events in world history brood on every corner.



If Moscow is likely to be your first destination in Russia, it is worth taking a little time to understand the present day city in the context of its unique past 


Below is a list of key Must-see Sights of Moscow that we recommend to include into your program: 


   The Kremlin

Kremlin Grounds, Czar Bell, Archangel Cathedral & Belfry of Ivan the Great


This historic fortress-palace, from where czars ruled the expanse of Russia, is matched in size only by the Forbidden City of China. 


Take a fascinating tour across the Kremlin - visit the famous treasure-house, the Armoury Chamber.

Marvel the majestic ensemble of Cathedral Square and its historic cathedrals, including the Assumption Cathedral, Archangel's and Annunciation Cathedrals




   The State Tretyakov Art Gallery 

This remarkable museum is the national treasury of Russian fine art, one of the greatest museums in the world, containing the world's largest collection of Russian icons

   The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts

The museum has one of the most representative collections in Russia of foreign art dated from ancient times to modern days. The collection of French Impressions is among the most impressive


   The Bolshoi Theatre 

Bolshoi Theatre Facade, Night Illuminated, After renovation


The theater of world class and world renown, the Bolshoi theater has always been and remains one of the major symbols of this great nation and its culture.


The theater has reopened in October 2011 after unprecedented multi-billion dollar renovations.

The theater is definitely worth a visit.

The stage next to the original building of the theater is also used for performances of the Bolshoi cast


   The GUM Department Store 

located right next to Red Square, the store is among the most popular downtown spots for shopping. Originally called the Upper Trading Stalls, the GUM store has the longest history in the country.

It was created over a century ago and successfully operates till nowadays


   The Moscow Metro (Subway) System

Moscow Palatial Subway Station, Komsomolskaya station

 Unlike many underground train networks, Moscow's offers visitors the chance to experience some luxury as they travel around the city, as stations are finished in marble and feature ornate decorations as gold statues, stained glass, vaulted ceilings and Art Deco details.

Lighting is provided by elaborate chandeliers that hang on platforms and station concourses, while many ceilings are adorned with intricate decorations.

Over half of the city's population gets around using the Metro system and most of the ticket halls and stations are historical monuments that are protected by the government. 

Moscow Metro system is extremely efficient, very clean, affordable and graffiti-free



   The Old Moscow Circus

The Moscow Circus, on Tsvetnoy Boulevard in downtown Moscow, is the famous Russian Circus that laid the traditions of the classic circus school. 

Its shows continue to be extremely popular among local residents and foreign visitors as well




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