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Moscow Metro: Not To Be Missed



Moscow Metro is City's Urban Paradise



Mayakovskaya station, Moscow Metro

Happily, Moscow is served by one of the most comprehensive metro systems on the planet.

A masterpiece of engineering, with some stations that will truly take your breath away, the Moscow Metro carries over 9 million passengers per day.

Which is approximately over 2.7 billion passengers per year, more than double the numbers of London and second only to Tokyo. 

Indeed, if you ever find yourself changing lines at Kievskaya station during rush hours, you may be forgiven for thinking that they all using it on the same day. 

It can be crowded, and people will bump into you - not out of malice, mind, Muscovites just have a less keen sense of personal space than a lot of other people. 

Voice announcements refer to the lines by name. A male voice announces the next station when travelling towards the centre of the city, and a female voice when going away from it.

On the Circle line the clockwise direction has a male announcer for the stations, while the counter-clockwise direction has a female announcer.

The lines are also assigned specific colors for maps and signs.