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The Old Arbat, Moscow



Must-See, Moscow:  



The Old Arbat, the most famous street of Moscow     


Q: -   Why? 


 A: - The Old Arbat perfectly reflects the entire history of 870-year-old Moscow




The Arbat is famous for its special historic and artistic atmosphere. 


Located in city's historic centre, the (Old) Arbat is one of the oldest surviving streets in Moscow.


The Arbat once stood for Bohemian Moscow in the ways that Carnaby Street represented swinging London.  

In 1980s, as part of Moscow's face lift, The Old Arbat has been made into the first pedestrian stretch in Moscow. 





Old Arbat pedestrian street, historical buildings in downtown Moscow Old Arbat pedestrian street, historical district of Moscow Old Arbat street, Bohemian district of downtown Moscow


The Arbat history starts in the 15th century. 

Later in the 18th century, narrow and cobbled, it became the prestigious area to live in for the Russian nobility.

It was almost destroyed during Napoleon occupation of Moscow in 1812.

In the 1900s it was the heart of a quarter where writers, actors and scientists frequented the same shops and cafes. This cozy world of Soviet intelligentsia drew strength from the neighborhood's identity. 


Today it is filled with portrait painters, soapbox poets, street musicians, with more than a few sidewalk cafés and souvenir stands. 


Tourists come here for a leisurely walk, go out for dinner, shop for souvenirs, enjoy historical buildings and monuments.