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Places You Will Visit, Moscow & St. Petersburg


Places You Will Visit

When travelling on our Twin Capitals of Russia



Congratulations on your decision to explore Russia with our Twin Capitals of Russia tour.




All Must-See sights in both cities are included. No further expenses are required to see the best of what these great cities have to offer.




Featured Day Trips, Moscow:


     A panoramic City Tour: 

A panoramic sightseeing tour of Moscow is an excellent way to see the Kremlin from outside, the Red Square, Lenin’s Tomb, St. Basil’s Cathedral, the visual image of Russia, exterior of famous buildings and places to which you may return at your leisure.

You will get the fascinating panorama of the Kremlin from the Sophiiskaya Embankment, will drive along Tverskaya Street, Moscow’s major thoroughfare, will view the imposing Christ The Savior Cathedral and the New Arbat Street, The White House of Russia, Sparrow Hills with an observation platform just across from the Moscow State University, Moscow streets and squares.

    The tour includes stops for pictures.

Your professional English-speaking guide will tell you about the history and culture of Moscow, the politics and economics of Russia, and much more

A Tip: If you want to see Red Square in all its splendor, come back in the evening, when the square and its surrounding buildings are beautifully illuminated 




     Kremlin Grounds, Cathedrals & Czar's Treasures: 

Moscow`s Kremlin is a major landmark symbol of Russia. That is why the tour of the Kremlin is always central to any visit to Moscow.  

The tour takes you behind the fortified walls of the original fortress in the heart of Moscow, introduce you to a wealth of sites including the three great Cathedrals, world’s largest Bell and czar Cannon, countless churches and towers.
     You will also be offered a separate tour of the Armory Chambers,  the richest and the oldest museum inside the Kremlin.
The Armory is the treasury of Russian czars with an impressive collection of Russian arms and thrones, crown jewels, carriages and coronation dresses used in the 16-19 cc.
     The tour of the Armory Museum features, besides all, a stunning collection of Faberge Eggs, intricate mini-worlds created by genius jeweler Carl Faberge.
     If the Armory Museum has not sated your diamond lust, then think about adding the Diamond Fund Collection  

(Kremlin closed on Thursdays).  No bags or large purses allowed to carry inside the Kremlin



     The State Tretyakov Art Gallery:

Russia’s National Gallery is unquestionably a world-class collection displayed in world-class surrounding.

This is the home of the finest collection of Russian icons in the world. In fact you will uncover just as many masterpieces in the 60 or so rooms of the Tretyakov as in any gallery anywhere in the world



     The Moscow Subway (Metro): 

How many cities in the world could offer their underground stations as tourist attractions?
In some ways, these Metro stations are as valid a record of Russianess as the Tretyakov Gallery; and the pride with which
Muscovites regard t
hem is evident from the way they are maintained.      
This tour selects the very best examples for you – stop and admire the mosaics, the chandeliers and the statues and wonder just how long they would last in a typical western city


     The Old Arbat: 

The Stary (Old) Arbat is a charming pedestrian stretch in downtown Moscow with cafes, bars, pavement artists, entertainers and shops selling books, posters, hand-crafted souvenirs and much more. Look out for t
he impressive mural of hand-painted tiles composing the Wall of Peace



Featured Day Trips, St. Petersburg:



     City sightseeing tour:

The enchanting city of St. Petersburg offers some of the most grandiose relics of the czarist days.

     This excursion provides a comprehensive orientation of the many famous landmarks from both sides of the Neva River, including the world famous Nevsky Prospect lined with marble palaces of Russian royalty and aristocracy.

     You will also take in the extravagant St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the Admiralty, the Church of the Spilled Blood and a visit inside the historical Peter-and-Paul Fortress, where many of Russian Romanov rulers are buried.

This is an orientation tour, no entrances included except for Peter & Paul Fortress



     The Hermitage Gallery & Winter Palace: 

The Hermitage is unquestionably one of the finest art galleries in the world, housed within the magnificent white and gold rococo fantasy of the baroque Winter Palace.

This impressive collection contains the works of masters such as Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci, Rubens and Rembrandt as well as many contemporary pieces by Kandinski, Matisse and Picasso.
     Be prepared for a lot of walking  

The Hermitage is closed on Mondays


     Peter & Paul Fortress:

The Peters and Paul’s Fortress is the original nucleus of the city of St.  Petersburg. Situated on the tiny Zayachy Island, it contains one of the oldest buildings in the city. The magnificent baroque interior is the burial place of most of Russia’s czars, from the time of Peter the Great in 1725



     Catherine`s Palace at Pushkin, outside of St. Petersburg:

Otherwise known as Catherine Palace, this stunning baroque-style palace is considered one of the world’s architectural masterpiec­es.

     The sumptuous interior of the palace’s many rooms and grand halls are lavishly decorated to symbolize the extravagant mood which dominated the time. Perhaps the most opulent is the newly-unveiled Amber Room which is adorned throughout with precious amber.
     A trip to Pushkin can be complemented with a mouth watering lunch of traditional Russian cuisine 


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