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In & Around Tallinn, Estonia




Day Trips, In & Around Tallinn, Estonia:


Day trips in Tallinn are offered for smaller parties of a minimum of 2 persons, as well as for groups starting from 10 persons.

Day trips for 1 or 2 persons traveling together are conducted by a licensed English-speaking guide / with a chauffeured car

Day trips for a party of up to 5 persons: transportation by a smaller van with 5-7 seats

For a party of 11 to 14 persons: a modern air-conditioned van with 12 to 15 or more seats  


 Busy winding streets of Old Town, Tallinn, Estonia

A City Tour of Tallinn 

includes a walk through the Old Town (Upper & Lower Town), and a visit inside the Dome Church 

The tour begins with a bus ride around the Old Town offering fascinating views of the medieval town wall. Tourists get off the coach in Upper Town - Toompea (Castle Hill) where a walking tour begins. They will view the Toompea Castle (built in 1773) where the Parliament is seated.

Another highlight at Toompea is Pikk Hermann Tower, city's tallest structure, with a national flag on top, - is a symbol of political power of Estonia.

Next is the stop at the view point for a breathtaking panorama of the Old Town, with towers, Town wall, tiled roofs and chimneys.

From Upper Town proceed to the Lower Town. The most remarkable sights here being a 14th century Gothic Town Hall, St. Nicholas Church, Town Hall_Pharmacy from 1422 and numerous Merchant houses. The tour ends with a walk through the main shopping street of Tallinn      
Tour duration: 3 hours 



 Tallinn Old Town

Old Town, Tallinn, Estonia

The Old Town on the Hill (Toompea) is an outstanding permanent monument to Gothic and Baroque architecture. 

The Tallinn Old Town (including Toompea) is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site.


The best way to see it is on foot: the area is relatively small; large parts of the Old Town have been made traffic-free zones, while other parts consist of narrow streets, making vehicle access impractical.

Many of the streets are cobbled and suffer from lack of maintenance, so you have to keep your eyes open for uneven road and pavements surfaces. Wear sensible walking shoes 



St. Olaf's Church and Tower: 

St Olaf's Church of the 12th century, Tallinn Estonia | 125 m tall in heightSt. Olaf's Church is an important landmark of Tallinn. 

From 1549 to 1625, this 14th century Gothic church was the tallest building in the world

Gigantic for those times, this 159-meter spire served as a signpost for approaching ships.

Nowadays its smaller, 124-meter spire still dwarfs most of Tallinn’s buildings. 

The structure remains an important symbol of the town. 

From April to October, visitors can make the vigorous climb to the top of the stone portion of the tower for magnificent & dizzying views of Old Town, Toompea hill and sea port area.

Anyone unafraid of a few stairs (258, to be precise) may head up to the observation tower, halfway up the church's 124-meter structure


Town Hall Square

Surrounded by elaborate merchant houses and, in summer, packed with café tables, it is a natural magnet for tourists.

Town Hall, Tallinn, Estonia

Historically it served as a market and meeting place. Find the round stone marked with a compass rose in the middle of the square. From this spot, with a little stretching and bending, you can see the tops of all five of Old Town's spires.

Today, the square remains the social heart of the city, a venue for open-air concerts, handicraft fairs and Medieval markets. Each winter it's home to the town's Christmas tree - a tradition that goes back to 1441!

Notable buildings around the square include the Town Hall and the Town Hall Pharmacy


Kadriorg Palace and Park: 

Kardiorg Palace outside Tallinn, Estonia
The beautiful pink baroque Kadriorg Palace designed by an Italian architect is a brilliant example of Baroque architecture. 

It was the Summer residence of the Russian Czar Peter the Great, and today stands proudly in the center of its namesake seaside resort suburb of Tallinn, where the streets are lined with noble villas and summer estates. 

Today the Palace houses the Estonian Art Museum's foreign collection, featuring thousands of western European and Russian works from the 16th to 20th centuries, ranging from prints and paintings to sculpture and furniture. 

The palace is also the venue for concerts and theatrical performances, lecture and receptions. The park surrounding the palace is a popular recreational spot for visitors and locals alike, consisting of formal gardens, the symmetrical Swan Lake, as well as meadows and forest groves traversed by paths



Rocca Al Mare Open Air Museum:

The Estonian Open Air Museum founded in 1957 is located some 10 km from the centre of Tallinn, on a wooded coastal headland in a beautiful place called Rocca al Mare.

A 20 minute drive outside of Tallinn will bring you to this scenic museum displaying a unique collection of old Estonian buildings on a 79-hectare expanse of seaside land.

You will find many examples of spectacular wooden buildings preserved in peaceful surroundings, including old farm buildings, fishermen’s houses, a village church, a village school, windmills & water mills of various kinds and from the last 200 years



Tour of Estonian Open-Air Museum at Rocca al Mare


Seaplane Harbour (Lennusad 

The Seaplane Harbor is Tallinn's maritime and seaplane museum. It features exhibitions in seaplane hangars that illustrate Estonia's maritime and military history. 
One of its main highlights is the 600-ton, British-built Lembit submarine. Built in 1936 for the Estonian navy, the submarine served in World War II and remained in service for 75 years until it was brought ashore in 2011. The Lembit submarine is still in perfect condition and is a good sample of the technology of the 30-ies. 
Also featured at the museum is a full-scale replica of Short Type 184, a British pre-WW II seaplane that was the first aircraft ever to attack an enemy’s ship with an air-launched torpedo.
The replica in Seaplane Harbor is the only full-size reproduction of the aircraft in the world. Other attractions include historical ships, including Europe's largest steam-powered Suur Toll icebreaker 
A Day trip to Lahemaa National Park 
A Day trip to Lahemaa National Park allows you to see what lies outside of Tallinn and to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the northern Estonia landscape. 

With an expert guide, discover the history and learn more of exciting facts about Lahemaa, Estonia's largest national park, with unspoiled landscapes and beautiful views of the Baltic coast and forests.

You will have a walking tour around the park and tour two of its most magnificent manors of the 18th century – Palmse and Sagadi – which have both been beautifully restored to give you an insight into the lifestyle of the upper class of Estonia

Lahemaa National Park

After one hour drive from central Tallinn, you will arrive at the largest national park in Estonia. The beautiful Lahemaa National Park is home to 14 lakes, 8 rivers and several waterfalls within its pristine coastal landscape. With your guide, explore the park, take in the varied scenery and relax in gorgeous settings. 

Make your way to Palmse Manor, built in the 18th century and once home to barons and their families. It has been fully restored and contains some original furniture, making it one of the grandest Baroque manors in Estonia.
Tour the house with your guide and visit its open -air- museum, which provides and overview of manor life and Estonian architecture through the centuries. 

Next visit Sagadi Manor, also built in the 18th century and the first manor in Estonia to be decorated in the ornate Rococo style. It has also been fully restored, from its original façade to its extension wing.

After your manor tours, you’ll have a bit of free time to enjoy the park. Your guide will give you some recommendations of the best spots in the park to visit, including one of the many lakes