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Korčula Island, Croatia



The island of Korčula is the sixth largest Adriatic island in South Dalmatia, stretching nearly 47 km in length. The island is rich in vineyards, olive groves and small villages.

Korčula town on island of Korčula, in South Dalmatia, the 6th largest island of Croatia's Adriatic Sea

It also harbours a glorious Old town that sits compact on a tiny peninsula.


Protected by medieval walls and towers, its car-free stone alleys are laid out in a herringbone pattern, so as to give shelter from the prevailing winds.

It is packed with centuries-old aristocratic stone buildings, built when the island was under Venetian rule.


Main attractions include the 
Marco Polo House, said to be the birthplace of the renowned 13th-century explorer, and the moreška sword dance, a traditional dance, which is staged for tourists just outside the town walls on summer evenings.


The island of Korčula is the sixth largest island in Adriatic Dalmatia, known as the birthplace of Marco Polo


The town's historic sites include the central Gothic and Renaissance Cathedral of St Mark, the Town Hall and the massive city fortifications.

The 15th-century Franciscan monastery with a beautiful cloister is situated on the islet of Badija, near Korčula Town