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Plitvice Lakes Nat'l Park, Croatia



Nacionalni Park Plitvička Jezera


The Plitvice Lakes National Park set in the heart of Croatia, is the most popular tourist attraction, a definite must-see in Croatia



Waterfalls of Plitvice Lakes National Park, in the centre of Croatia

The park has proved to be of international value and is on the UNESCO World Heritage list.


Plitviče Lakes National Park is a 295 sq. km (115 sq miles) forest reserve in central Croatia, covered in spectacular lakes, caves and waterfalls.


 It is particularly known for a chain of 16 terraced lakes, joined by waterfalls, that extend into a limestone canyon.


Those who visited this area are unanimous that this is a great place to commune with nature, get some exercise and take a break from the city life. 


The park is roughly half way through between Croatia's capital city Zagreb and Zadar, on the Adriatic coast. 



Waterfalls of Plitvice Lakes National Park, in the centre of Croatia

The park can be easily visited on a day trip either from Zadar, Split or Zagreb.

Most of our escorted tours include a tour of the Plitvice Lakes Park. 

Numerous footbridges and rowing boats enable visitors to get from one shore of a lake to another and are a lovely way to access and explore the fir, pine and beech forests.



It is possible to follow signposted routes, which lead to viewpoints for watching the rushing waters as they cascade from the lake above.  



Dense forests alongside the waters are home to some of the largest European species of animal.



The bird life is extremely varied. 


Plitvice Lakes National Park - walk along extensive wooden boardwalks and enjoy natural beauty of park's surroundings
Along the banks of the River Korana into which the lakes drain, are a few shepherds' huts and several sawmills. the river flows between steep cliffs in a spectacular natural landscape.

The park flora is very varied, from waterlilies on the lakes to forests of gigantic trees