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Zagreb, Croatia's vibrant Capital



 Zagreb is Croatia's charming and inland capital also known for loads of beautiful architecture 


 Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, is home to loads of beautiful architecture


Croatia's capital is a small, artsy city in the north of the country.

While it is not home to any beaches, it is home to an amazing art community, a lively bar-and-restaurant scene, and loads of beautiful architecture - from medieval cathedrals to modern marvels, including Croatia's tallest building. If you are traveling to Croatia in December, we recommend stopping through Zagreb for one of the world's best Christmas market. 

In the Croatian capital, Zagreb, the main sightseeing area is the medieval Gornji Grad (Upper Town). 


      Zagreb's attractions include:

St Mark Church in Zagreb, Croatia

· the cathedral with its Neo Gothic facade and twin steeples

· the Croatian Sabor (Parliament);


· the Church of St. Mark with its colored tiled roof

· 13th century Tower of Lotrščak, which you can climb for fantastic views over the city rooftops.

· Make sure to catch most people's favorite, the much-loved Museum of Broken Relationships