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Bolshoi Deluxe Compartment, aboard Private train



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Trans-siberian private train: Bolshoi deluxe compartment



This category of train compartments, with its illustrious name, offers 5.57 m² (approx. 60 sq ft) of space. It has two beds, with the upper berth measuring 80 x 176 cm / 31.5 x 70 in. and the lower 110 x 187 cm / 43.3 x 74 in. 

This deluxe compartment also offers comfortable seating, a generously sized table, and a small dress closet. 

The Bolshoi deluxe compartment has a private bathroom with sink, toilet and integrated shower. 

Normally the train has only Six compartments in this category. 

In Moscow and in Beijing the 12 guests traveling in the Bolshoi Category car stay in 5-star hotels.

The guests traveling in the Bolshoi deluxe compartments are provided with an individual guide. And group size is limited to a maximum of 12 travelers