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Island of Vis, Croatia


Best of Croatia's Islands


Island Of Vis 


Croatian Island of Vis, on the Adriatic  

 One of the key delights of any visit to Croatia is to experience Croatia's coastal beauty, hop on a multitude of magnificent islands that speckle Croatia's coast. 



One of the islands that is worth exploring is the island of Vis, a small inhabited island in the Adriatic Sea, with a population of approx. 3,700. 

Vis is one of the most beautiful and mysterious islands in Croatia’s South Dalmatia region with many caves and rocks, beautiful sand and pebble beaches, the turquoise Adriatic Sea and fantastic Dalmatian cuisine and wine.

It boasts several fishing villages and one of Croatia's few real eco holiday resorts.



Best of Croatia's Islands: Island of Vis

Croatian Island of Vis, on the Adriatic