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Vela Luka, gem town of Korčula island




The picturesque town of Vela Luka is the largest town on the island of Korčula,


and the second largest town in the Adriatic islands





Town of Vela Luka, the largest on the island of Korcula, southern Dalmatia, Croatia


Vela Luka is a small town in southern Dalmatia, Croatia.


The town is located on the western side of the island of Korčula at the bottom of a wide bay which has many indented coves.



Its Gulf position is a safe anchorage and port for sailors. 


Vela Luka developed at the beginning of the 19th century in a deep sheltered bay.


It has several hotels and a medical center. 


The inhabitants are farmers, fishermen and workers in tourism. The town has a shipyard and other smaller industrial plants.






Vela Luka, Gem Town of Korcula island, Dalmatian Croatia

Vela Luka is also home to many talented musicians, artists and intellectuals.  


It is largely due to their work and enthusiasm that Vela Luka has acquired a name of'The Most Beautiful Cove in the Entire World'

The wealth and diversity of Vela Luka’s history, art and cultural heritage is shown through several valuable museum collections; the archaeological collection, the gifted international collection of drawings, graphics and small sculptures and the collection of ship models carved in wood.


 Traces of life in this area go back deep into the past, as visible in the numerous archaeological finds from Vela Spila site, one of the most famous prehistoric sites in Europe. 


Artifacts discovered there are exhibited in the museum collection of the Cultural Centre, where there is also a collection of wooden model ships, a collection of mosaics, and an international gift of a collection of drawings, prints and small sculptures.