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Private Tours

Independent-minded travelers will enjoy the flexibility and off-the-beaten-track itineraries offered by Intours' private tours. Almost all our group tours can be taken on a private basis and we also have a dedicated collection of private tour  


Our private tours benefit from the following features: 

Support on the Ground

On arrival and at each new destination on your tour you will be met at the airport, station or quay by our representative, who will accompany you to your hotel, help with your check-in and discuss the itinerary for your stay. We'll make sure that your private tour goes hand in hand with safety and support



For all road journeys you will have your own car and driver, offering you the flexibility to stop off along the way if you see something of interest, to take a photo, or for a break, and allowing you to start your sightseeing when you choose. If required, the itineraries for all private tours can be adjusted at the planning stage to suit your interests and preferences

Private Guides

All sightseeing excursions are accompanied by your own private English-speaking guide. This means that you can ask as many or as few questions as you like and take sightseeing trips at your own pace, with the emphasis on your own particular interests.

Having your own guide brings places to life in a way that guidebooks never can and also allows you to find out more about the real lives and cultures of local people


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Check our selection of Private Tours:


  Name Description
Russia's Space Exploration Tour
Russia's Space Exploration Tour

Russia's Space Exploration Tour

Kremlin view from a Studio room, the National Hotel,downtown Moscow
Luxury Series: Moscow & St. Petersburg Deluxe

Luxury Series: Enjoy the best of Moscow & St. Petersburg on a deluxe private tour featuring top notch Luxury hotels, in-depth visits to must-see sights and immaculate service. Endless opportunities to customize the trip   

Moscow Kremlin, and its astounding Cathedrals
Moscow Art & Culture Deluxe

 Premium Series:   Moscow Art & Culture Deluxe is a private package designed for those interested in exploring Moscow in-depth. Also we'll be able to customize a package to your unique interests, will base it on a hotel of your choice, will adjust your sightseeing  

The Grand Palace at Peterhof, known as Russian Versailles and Capital of Fountains, St. Petersburg Russia
Russian Art & Culture Deluxe

 Premium Series:   A 10-day private tour explores the vibrant Moscow, a historical Sergiev Posad on the Golden Ring, the elegant Saint Petersburg, and a medieval Novgorod Veliky. Flexible departure dates 

Day Trips, Moscow

Save valuable holiday time & customize your stay in Moscow with our private day trips in or around the Capital. There is also some useful info on less known places that make Moscow so unique  



Best Day trips, Saint Petersburg Russia
Day Trips, St. Petersburg

Build your own itinerary with our privately-guided day trips. Our professional team of guides will provide you with a wealth of information about this fascinating city

Saint-Petersburg, a magic city of Rivers & Canals
Art Treasures of St. Petersburg, 5 & 6 Days

 Premium Series:   Packages are designed for those interested in a private & in-depth touring of St. Petersburg. Packages are of 5 & 6 Days of duration. Packages can be easily tailored made to customer's specific interests, budget and time

Moscow City Break Packages, 5 Days, Weekly departures
Moscow City Breaks, Weekly Departures

A 5-Day Moscow City Breaks package, Weekly departures, Year round  

Private Shore excursions, St. Petersburg

Private Shore Excursion packages, St. Petersburg, Russia 

Private packages, Golden Ring of Russia

Explore the Gem towns of the historical Golden Ring with one of our packages: choose from suggested Options or allow us to customize your unique package just for you