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 The Best of the Ancient and the Modern



Once the frontier post of the Holy Roman Empire!

Ruled by the Habsburgs for six centuries, - and later by Napoleon Bonaparte, - Vienna is a city where ancient cultures joined to form a distinct richness of life.


Music lovers will thrill to the magnificent music of Austria's Masters - Liszt, Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Schubert, the Strauss Family! They were great Kings of music, who lived here. 
Waltz through the beautiful Vienna Woods and join the boat flotilla on the Blue Danube. 

Vienna and the Waltz have always been synonymous! Perhaps the most famous waltzes of all time is the beautiful Blue Danube written by John Strauss junior


You and your family can shop for marvelous petit point tapestry creations, treasured silk top hats, and exquisite hand-painted porcelain! 

Spend quiet moments in Vienna's many enchanting gardens and parks - the Alpengarten displays over 4,000 varieties of shrubs and flowers! 

You'll discover the priceless treasures of the Habsburgs and tour their Imperial Palaces.

Gleaming white Lippizaner horses and their riders welcome you to the famed Spanish Riding School! 

Before leaving Vienna, order a priceless Boesendorfer grand piano and toast this magnificent city with the Season's new Heuriger wine. 


Cradle of the Classics

 For centuries, Vienna has been known as the world's classical music capital.

Some of the luminaries who composed and performed here included Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin, Haydn, Liszt, Mahler, Mozart, Schoenberg, Schubert and Strauss





  Name Description
Day Trips Vienna, Salzburg, Budapest & Prague

Regular Sightseeing Tours, by coach, Vienna, Salzburg & Beyond 




Sightseeing, Vienna
Vienna Rhapsody Sample package

Vienna Rhapsody Packages, a great way to explore Imperial Vienna, with open dated voucher 

Eastern Europe Capitals tour, Escorted 13 Days

New for 2020: a 13-day Escorted tour visiting 6 prominent capital cities of Eastern Europe

Day Trips, Salzburg Austria

Day Trips, Salzburg Austria

The Hofburg, the former principal Imperial palace of the Habsburg dynasty, built in the 13th century
Imperial Landmark Cities of Europe, Escorted

New for 2024: a 9-Day Escorted tour traveling to Vienna, Budapest, Krakow & Warsaw

Capitals of Habsburg Empire 7 Days
Capitals of Habsburg Empire, 7 Days

New for 2024: introducing a 7-Day escorted tour visiting Prague, Vienna and Budapest

Berlin-Dresden-Prague-Vienna escorted, 7 Days

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