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Group Tours

  Name Description
11-Day Escorted tour from Dubrovnik along Dalmatian coast of the Adriatic, to Slovenia and on to Venice
2021 Zagreb to Venice, Escorted 14 Days

NEW: a 14-Day Escorted tour starting from Zagreb, via Sarajevo, along Dalmatian coast with Dubrovnik & Split, to Slovenia (Bled and Ljubljana) and on to Venice 

Delights of Croatia, Escorted 8 Days
2021 Delights of Croatia, Escorted 8 Days

New for 2021: an 8-Day group tour takes you from Dubrovnik via Split, Hvar island, UNESCO listed Plitvice Lakes and finally to Zagreb

2021 Gem Cities of the Adriatic, Escorted, 8 Days

New for 2021: visit the 3 Capitals of the Balkan countries including Zagreb, Ljubljana and Venice, 8 days, 9 departures  

2022 Beautiful Croatia by Land, Zagreb, Plitvice Lakes, Split, Dubrovnik escorted, 8 Days
2022 Gems of Croatia by Land, 8 Days

 Gems of Croatia is a small group tour that travels from Croatian capital Zagreb to UNESVO protected Plitvice Lakes, to Split and on to Dubrovnik, 8 Days  


Dubrovnik thick stonewalls at some points exceed 25 feet. UNESCO-listed fortress encircles & protects old section of the city. One of key must-see attractions in Croatia and entire Europe
Three Balkan Nations in One Story, Escorted 9 Days

New for 2022: introducing a 9-day Escorted tour across three Balkan nations featuring Dubrovnik, Mostar, Sarajevo and Belgrade  

Extraordinary Balkans, Adriatic, Venice & Istanbul, 11 days

New for 2022: Extraordinary rail journey between Venice and Istanbul, over 11 days, featuring 9 countries