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Cruising, Russia


River Cruises is one of the most appealing ways to appreciate the beauty of the endless landscape of Russia, along with the exquisite charm of Russian cities and towns.

Whether you prefer a luxury cruise along the classic route between Moscow and St. Petersburg, or adventurous waters on Siberian waters river cruise, there really is something for everyone!     



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Check out our selection of River cruises:



  Name Description
Kizhi Island, UNESCO-listed Site, North-West Russia
Czar's Cruise of Russia, Classic

Czar's Cruise of Russia: Classic Moscow-St. Petersburg, in either direction

Czars Cruise of Russia Classic, Moscow-St. Petersburg
Czar's Cruise of Russia, deluxe MS Mustai Karim

New for 2021: Czar's Cruise of Russia: brand new deluxe MS Mustai Karim river boat - a new era of river cruising in Russia!  

Helicopter fly over UNESCO-listed Plateau Putorana, a primaeval roadless  expanse of rock & pristine waters where man has barely  made a ripple
Grand Siberia Cruise

New: Grand Siberian Cruise Expedition

2019 Russia Luxury cruise aboard MS Rostropovich, Moscow - Saint Petersburg
Czar's Cruise of Russia, deluxe MS Rostropovich

Classic cruise, Moscow ↔ St. Petersburg, aboard deluxe MS Rostropovich river boat

2021 Russia Luxury River Cruise: Kirillo Belozersky Monastery Goritsy
Luxury Volga Dream River Cruise

Cruise aboard deluxe river boat, stay in prestigious 5-star hotels in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Enjoy comprehensive sightseeing, unforgettable cultural experiences and immaculate service

A charming town of Plyos is one of the gems in the string of Golden Ring of Russian towns, along Grand Volga River Cruise
Grand Volga Cruise to Land of Cossacks

The Grand Volga Cruise takes you along the entire length of the Volga, to Astrakhan, on the edge of the Caspian Sea, in Southern Russia