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2021 Moscow - Astrakhan River Cruise

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Cruise into the Heart of Russia

Sail along the entire length of Mother Russia's Number #1 Waterway, the Volga River, from capital city Moscow to historical towns of the Golden Ring, through Russia's heartland, pastoral landscapes and to the edge of the Caspian Sea, to Astrakhan 



Moscow → Astrakhan

· 14 Days 

   Sailing Dates:

Sept 07 - Sept 21, 2021

Sept 14 - Sept 28, 2021


aboard Superior MS Nikolai Chernyshevsky ****


A similar itinerary is available in reverse:

Astrakhan → Moscow

Two sailings available:

Sept 20-Oct 04, 2021
 Sept 27-Oct 11, 2021 



What is so Special about this Cruise? 

There is always something special about this cruise.

What makes it stand out from many other cruise boats that plough the waterways between the two biggest Russia's draws: Moscow and St. Petersburg.

This cruise takes you beyond the traditional places, opens up the horizon of what Russia really is.


Explore the towns along the Volga River, Mother Russia's main lifeline and the crucial bread earner for millions of small and bigger nationalities who inhabited its banks over many centuries.

This cruise is for those who are willing to broaden their knowledge of Russia by witnessing its diversity and multi-cultural roots, who want to step beyond the known and understand the complexity of things in this mysterious, intriguing nation, with such hospitable and talented people




· Cruise 3,000 km along Mother Volga, Europe’s longest river and Russia’s lifeline

· Enjoy unparalleled views of Russia along the entire length of the Volga River which banks are studded with colorful churches and monasteries
· Visit Volgograd, the former Stalingrad, where the bloodiest battle of WW II took place. Remember Stalingrad’s horrors and heroics at the gigantic Mamayev Kurgan World War II Memorial

· Snack on the Russian sturgeon and black caviar

· Visit history-filled gem towns of the Golden Ring: Uglich, Yaroslavl and Kostroma

· Explore Nizhny Novgorod, a booming trade capital of Russia

· Visit the colorful markets and Tatar mosques in a thousand year-old city of Kazan
· Explore Astrakhan, the place where the Volga River flows into the Caspian sea and forms the largest Delta in Europe

· Take in the city of Astrakhan the world capital of caviar; a wonderland of unique wildlife found nowhere else; a bustling port city that dates back to the time of the Golden Horde




Itinerary Overview: 



Port Of Call Arrive Depart

Day 01

Arrive Moscow 


Day 02



Day 03




Day 04


16:00  19:00 

Day 05


08:00 22:00 

Day 05




Day 06

Nizhny Novgorod



Day 07




 Day 08 




Day 09




Day 10




Day 11




Day 12

Scenic sailing  


Day 13



Day 14


Disembark & transfer to Moscow to fly home

 Day 15

Moscow  Moscow extension (optional)   


2021 Cruise into the heart of Russia, Moscow - Astrakhan


Cruise Only Price: $ 5,195 per person, in a twin outside Cabin, Middle Deck

 Port taxes and charges: approx. $ 113 per person



Cruise Price includes:

accommodation in a twin outside Cabin, on Middle Deck, three meals daily starting from dinner on embarkation day and ending with breakfast on disembarkation day; sightseeing with an English-speaking guide, as per day-by-day program; entertainment on board; live concerts and shows; Russian language and song classes; Cruise director; a 2-Day Moscow extension with 1 private tour, overnight at a central 4* hotel in Moscow 

Not Included: 

International airfare; domestic airfare, Astrakhan - Moscow, one way; optional tours; individual transfers upon arrival & departure, expenses of personal nature






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