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2021 Grand Siberia Cruise

Category: River Cruises



Special Offer: 2021 Grand Siberian River Cruise along the mighty Yenisei River



Awe-inspiring scenery | Fascinating history | Far-reaching traditions | Distinctive culture



2021 Grand Siberia river Cruise along Yenisei River



Be among the very first few to get a Taste of unspoiled land mass of endless Siberia, along the banks of the mighty Yenisei River.


Feel the warmth of the Siberian soul, interact with locals, visit their remote settlements, taste their cuisine, explore mysterious stone statues, steppe mounds and ancient cave sites of unparalleled mystique and historical value, some being of 50 thousand years.

Cross 3 climate zones, including Arctic deserts, mountain ranges, steppes and taiga of Siberia.  

Your 1992 km-long itinerary will bring you to sensationally famous Turuhansk, the rural locality where world temperature records have become quite a commonplace: minus - 60 centigrades in winter, and up to + 35 C in summer!

Cruise into the heart of Siberia, cross the Polar Circle, step underground into Permafrost zone, visit Gulag construction sites, remote villages of indigenous people and the Old Believers settlement.  


Your cruise ship is the deluxe MS Maxim Gorky river boat.

In 2020 the vessel has undergone major renovations to meet the highest 5* international standards.  




2021 Sailings, Krasnoyarsk - Dudinka, 12 Days / 11 Nights: 

    Cruise Itinerary:

  Travel Dates: 


Krasnoyarsk - Dudinka

07 June-17 June


Krasnoyarsk - Dudinka

29 June-09 July


Krasnoyarsk - Dudinka

21 July-31 July


Krasnoyarsk - Dudinka

12 August-22 August


Krasnoyarsk - Dudinka

03 Sept-13 Sept



Itinerary Overview: 

DAY 01     Arrive Krasnoyarsk
Airport transfer to river pier. Embark your deluxe ship and settle in. Welcome drink and lunch on board
5 PM: Krasnoyarsk panoramic City tour
7 PM: Dinner on board
10 PM: Krasnoyarsk By Night tour (Optional)

DAY 02:    In Krasnoyarsk, sightseeing: Krasnoyarsk Hydro electric station; Scenic viewpoint over Yenisei river and mountain range outside the city; Bobrovy Log Resort viewpoint and UNESCO-listed Krasnoyarsk Stolby (Pillars) National Park Reserve with breathtaking views over Sayany mountains 

4 PM: lunch at a local national cuisine restaurant 
Return to the ship
Dinner on board 

DAY 03:      Sail off Krasnoyarsk (at 4 am) 
Breakfast on board
Passage through Kazachinsky Rapids, approx. noon time
Lunch on board
3 PM: arrive in Galanino 

DAY 04:      YENISEISK, Sightseeing 

DAY 05:      YARTSEVO, Sightseeing
PM:   Arrive VOROGOVO  

DAY 06:       BAKHTA: Visits and sightseeing 
PM:   Arrive KANGOTOVO, visits 

DAY 07:      TURUKHANSK, Sightseeing

DAY 08:      YERMAKOVO, Sightseeing
PM: Arrive in IGARKA, Museum of Permafrost  

DAY 09:    TYYAKHA, visit a settlement of indigenous people and reindeer herders; visit their chums (yurts) and taste local delicacies

PM: Arrive in Dudinka, Sightseeing 

DAY 10:    in DUDINKA: A 4-hour helicopter tour over UNESCO-listed Plateau Putorana, the second largest basalt plateau in the world. The Plateau is 2.5 million hectares of space, comparable to that of Great Britain

DAY 11:     Breakfast on board. Disembarkation and transfer to airport in Norilsk



 2021 Sailings, Dudinka - Krasnoyarsk, 14 Days / 13 Nights: 


    Cruise Itinerary:

   Travel Dates:


Dudinka - Krasnoyarsk

17 June-29 June


Dudinka - Krasnoyarsk

09 July-21 July


Dudinka - Krasnoyarsk

31 July-12 August


Dudinka - Krasnoyarsk

22 August-03 Sept


Dudinka - Krasnoyarsk

13 Sept-25 Sept

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