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Rail Journeys

 A journey by rail is one of the most romantic ways to travel, offering glimpses into rural life and scenic views that no other mode of transport can compete with. 

Intours Canada offers a variety of classic train journeys around Russia, from a series of guaranteed departure tours to tailor made programs, using regular scheduled trains, private train charters or luxury trains like Golden Eagle


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  Name Description
Land of White Nights and Midnight Sun, Escorted Deluxe tour
2019 Land of White Nights & Midnight Sun, 12 Days

Luxury Series: A deluxe 12-day rail journey by private deluxe train takes you to the land of Midnight Sun, the Arctic Circle, incomparable cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg during glamorous White Nights season 


Lake Baikal, the deepest lake in the world. Its half-way through along legendary Trans-Siberian rail route. Worth a stopover!
2019 Trans-Mongolian Rail Journey to China

Best selling rail journey: a 15-day Trans-Mongolian Rail journey to China tour visits three exotic countries: Russia, Mongolia and China. Explore remote lands with one of our 12 departures, guaranteed, year-round   

2019 Grand Trans-Siberian Rail Journey, by Private train

Highlight of 2019: Join the Epic Trans-Siberian Rail Journey from Moscow to Ulan Bataar, Mongolia, aboard a Premium Charter train. Now five departures, in each direction

2019 Czar's Gold Private Train Journey, Moscow - Beijing
Lake Baikal, Siberia, is the deepest and the oldest lake on Earth. It is also the biggest fresh water reservoir in the world. Lake Baikal is on the UNESCO World Heritage List
2019 Trans-Mongolian train Journey, with Yekaterinburg

A 16-day Trans-Mongolian rail tour to Beijing, with a stop in Yekaterinburg, a thriving capital of the Ural Mountains, the Great Divide between Russia's Europe & Asia