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Intours Canada - Nobody Knows Eastern Europe & Beyond Like We Do!

Dear Traveler,

We are proud to bring you our Splendors of Eastern Europe - a wealth of carefully designed Tours and Packages! 

Having started operations in Canada over 45 years ago, as a pioneer of travel to the region of Eastern Europe, we continue our tradition of quality service to this culturally rich and intriguing part of the world.

Not your typical holiday destination, these countries conjure up images of mystery and romance, culture and poetry. Our tours give you the best there is to experience - the relaxing European waterways, the ancient Gem towns of the Golden Ring, the world’s longest Trans-Siberian and more


Latest News


Moscow Turns Friendly to Pedestrians & Cyclists


  The face of Moscow is changing at a blinding pace   -


Moscow, Russia's dynamic capital, and the largest city in Europe, is going through a major face lift. 

Parks are being redesigned, trees are being planted, and a network of sidewalks is being created. 

Moscow City Hall has introduced a full-scale program that includes building more underpasses, linking up all the Moscow boulevards, making squares more attractive for pedestrians, turning embankments into pedestrian areas, maintaining active city life in the winter and developing infrastructure for bicycles.

Thirty new pedestrian areas will appear: asphalt will be replaced by granite tiles and tourist signs have been put up.  

Moscow parks such as Gorky Park and Sokolniki have already changed dramatically: semi-neglected parks with rusty amusement rides and cheap beer have already undergone major renovation, in line with worldwide trends.

The parks are now being turned into modern areas with lecture halls, children's clubs, yoga classes, outdoor restaurant terraces, art installations, live music in outdoor rinks and bicycles for rent.

Incidentally, bicycles can now be rented from automated bicycle stations in many places across the city, along the Boulevard Ring and on the embankments.

Moscow's municipal government thinks that Moscow will soon become one of the most attractive tourist cities in the world.